Hi my name is sue reeve my spiritual name of Gentlerain given to me by my spirit guide Whispering wind is the name i use on psychic today pin number 4744.

When i first got interested in spiritual ways i was at a very low place in life thinking life had nothing left to offer me and i just accepted that this was my lot, how wrong i was.

It all started when i got a phone call from my brother telling me his best mates son had been killed in a road accident at the time i had been unaware of an older son i knew the 2 younger children but not the older one anthony. Anthony was just 18 and was about to move into his das to help out with the younger children as his mum was moving out as she had met someone else. Unfortunately on the night in question anthony was involved in a fatel road accident which took his life his friend also in the car survived.A few days later as i was driving past where the accident happened i suddenly had a picture in my head of a young boy and heard the words "im sorry dad" and although i was driving at the time i did not panic i just felt an overwhelming sense of calm and wonderment that i had been chosen and i knew i had to pass this on.

When i got home i rang my brother and described the features of the boy i had seen and he confirmed it was anthony i later went and looked at a photo and yes no mistake it was the same boy i had seen.The next bit was not so easy my brother did not know how to tell his friend about what i had seen and heard  as it was not an everyday thing people talked about, he told his friend and the next thing that happened was even more unbeliveable. Two days after again i was on my way home and while driving around a busy roundabout i was suddenly aware of tears falling down my face i could not stop them instantly i knew it was anthony .ifelt a great sadness and that Anthony needed to speak to his dad i had no idea how this was going to work but i knew i had to pass the message and feelings i had onto my brothers friend as soon as i could.This time i passed the message onto my brothers friend myself as my brother was not sure about what the reaction would be so i told him what had happened and that for some reason it was important for his dad to go see Anthony.The next day my brother took his frind to the chapel of rest and he went in with a heavy heart. After about 30 mins he came back out looking much happier and he told my brother "he is gone now there is nothing left but a shell" so for whatever went on passing the message on was the right thing to do and i just felt glad i had been able to bring some sort of peace at this very sad time.

 I never saw Anthony again after that but i have never forgotten the young lad that got me into spiritual work and for that i will always be grateful.It was about 6 months later when i decided to find out if this was just a one off or did i have some kind of psychic ability which could be developed.So i looked on the internet to find out i did find some local classes but i could not afford them and was getting more and more frustrated thinking if i had been chosen why was i getting obstacles put in my way to stop me there must be another way so i looked again. Eureeka i found it an online psychic chat room that as well as a chat room they held classes for developement wow i could not believe my luck eventually i joined another one which i am still a member of today and i recommend to anyone wishing to develope there skills as a psychic.

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